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Welcome to Mölndal

Mölndal has more than 60 000 inhabitants and is the third largest municipality in the Region Västra Götaland. In Mölndal, you find modern living areas bordering to wide areas of nature and idyllic countryside. Mölndal is an expanding city, with many exciting development projects going on. A totally new city centre will emerge during the next few years
 Mölndal, the Valley of Mills. The narrow but high and long waterfalls in Kvarnbyn gave the necessary power to all the watermills, which together with the windmills on the hills gave birth to the early industrialisation of Mölndal in the 17th century. Today Mölndal is mostly known for its high concentration of different companies within the life science-sector.

Gunnebo House and Gardens in Mölndal, is one of Sweden´s best and stylistically purest examples of neoclassical architecture. The house was completed in 1796 and is recently restored to its former splendour with the aid of the architect Carlberg´s original drawings. Gunnebo is open all year with a restaurant, gift shop, guided tours and a variety of events.

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Mölndals stad
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431 82 Mölndal
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